Saturday, 20 September 2008

Different Types of Color Contact Lenses For You To Choose From

Everybody nowadays wants a new look which will make him or her look totally different from others. If you want the same thing then it is time for you to switch on to color contact lenses. According to the majority in this world eyes are the most attractive part of the human body and contact lenses can be used to enhance the beauty of your eyes. There are a number of color contact lenses to be selected from in today's world. But the lenses discussed below are most appropriate to change one's personality totally and a new look.

The first type of color contact lens that we will discuss is the enhancement color contact lenses. These lenses make your eyes look much bolder and enhance the brightness of your eyes. Mostly people use enhancement color lenses of the color similar to the color of their eyes but you can even choose a color which is different from the color of your eyes and give your eyes a dramatic effect. The enhancement color lenses are made of a semi transparent material and this is the reason why the color of the lens blends with the color of your eyes giving your eyes a very natural look.

The second type of lenses you can go for is the opaque color lenses. These lenses are made of an opaque material and are meant in the true sense to change the color of your eyes totally. Before the opaque lenses were not very successful as they did not look natural but the opaque lenses available in today's world are very natural and wearing them has also become more comfortable nowadays. There is a pin sized transparent hole in the middle of the lens which enables you to see.

The third type of color contact lenses which are very common nowadays are the costume contact lenses. These lenses have various patterns designed on them and these lenses are meant to give special effect to your eyes when you wear a special costume. Basically these lenses are customized in a way to go with a particular costume. For example you might have a dress to be worn on a certain occasion and these lenses are meant to be worn with those special costumes. You can get lenses which will make your eyes look like a cat or can make your eyes look bloodshot. People do not use these lenses daily and are only used on a special occasion with a special dress.

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