Saturday, 20 September 2008

Color Contact Lenses! Its Time To Spice Up Those Eyes

Multipurpose Color Contact Lenses

The notion of colored contact lenses is to swathe the iris with a new color. In general, neat colored contact lenses come in two varieties; opaque colors and enhancement tints. The aptitude to modify your eye color merely by putting on a contact lens is becoming more and more well-liked every day. Many populaces like them for fun and never actually care how colored contact lenses work. If you are a petite more curious, read on and I will tell you accurately how colored contact lenses work. Designs work well depending on the iris color they are covering. One astounding feature of colored lenses is that they never look exactly the same on one person as they do on another.

Fun And Frolic With Color Contact Lenses:

Color contact lenses are used to improve an existing eye color or somewhat alter its shade. Enhancers have a light tint which will vary from covering the entire lens, to basically casing the superficial edge of the iris. A sea green enhancer put on top of a green eye will give a brilliant green and very natural effect. That same lens put on a brown eye will probably have no effect to the original eye color. Colored lenses are premeditated to be a fun fashion accessory. Change your eye color based on your mood, outfit, makeup, or plans. Despite the consequences of how much fun you are having with them, remember they need to be fit to your eyes and proper care must be taken. Follow your eye care provider's advice as to which lenses will work for you and how to care for them accurately


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