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The Best Sharingan Contact Lenses - Spice Up Your Costume And Join The Uchiha Clan

Colored contact lenses are really wonderful in enhancing your looks and appearance in any occasions. The most popular colored lenses among young anime fans all over the world are the Sharingan contact Lenses. These are special effect contacts that reproduce the look of the special Sharingan eyes. These lenses are the latest fashion hit among the various contact lens collections. They are especially designed for entertainment and fun.

These lenses were created based on the widely popular Naruto anime series. The ninja family members from the series, called the Uchiha clan, have a strange eye condition which is known under the fantasy name of Sharingan.(The Best Sharingan Contact Lenses - Costume And Join The Uchiha Clan) This expression literally stands for "copy eye wheel" or sometimes "mirror eye wheel". To make it simple to understand, the ninjas have a power known as jutsu and several pupils witch are called Sharingan. The different contact designs are all based on characters from this anime series and replicate the eyes of the clan members.

The Best Sharingan Contact Lenses - Spice Up Your Costume And Join The Uchiha Clan

These special contacts come in two different styles: regular and sclera. The regular Sharingan lenses fit on your eyes just like the normal contacts do and there is a hole in the middle of the lens for your pupil. These lenses are more like regular color contacts. The other type - the sclera contacts - give you a more dramatic look as they cover your entire eye area including the white part too. These types of lenses are not too comfortable to wear, that is the reason why they are recommended for partying only.(The Best Sharingan Contact Lenses - Costume And Join The Uchiha Clan)

The basic Sharingan look is a red colored eye with thin, black outline around the circle and a few black dots in the shape of a crescent. The number of dots and other variations may be present depending on which character you want to imitate. The Sasuke Uchiha look is known for two fake pupils that are moving around your real pupil. Sounds scary? It looks scary too. The next character called Itachi Uchiha has three fake pupils that are moving around the pupil with small, black lines. Kakashi Hatake's eye also has a red iris and three fake pupils moving around the real one and lines in black and white colors.(The Best Sharingan Contact Lenses - Costume And Join The Uchiha Clan)

Sharingan contacts can be very useful and fun costume accessory especially for Halloween parties, but for fantasy parties and theme parties also. These contact lenses are perfectly safe to wear, all are approved by the FDA. Make sure you follow the instructions and handle them with care like all the other colored contacts and you will have an awesome party.

The Best Sharingan Contact Lenses - Costume And Join The Uchiha Clan

The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends

This Halloween, why not take your costume to the next level? With Halloween contact lenses (also commonly known as "special effects contact lenses" or "decorative lenses") you can do just that. As long as you adhere to the health and safety advice mentioned below, Halloween contacts could be the perfect finishing touch to bring the character in your costume to life!

Special effect contacts have been used in film, television, and theatre, even rock concert stages, for years, and now they're available at affordable prices to you, the consumer. You can find decorative contact lenses in all kinds of styles. From simple colors (ever wanted to be a red-eyed alien or a green-eyed reptile?) to elaborate designs (zebra stripes, stars, flowers, X's...) there are as many ways to use decorative contact lenses to enhance your Halloween ensemble as there are jack o' lanterns aglow on All Hallow's Eve.(The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends)

Some of the great designs and styles of Halloween contacts available this year include: hypnotic spirals, cat eyes, wolf eyes, eagle eyes, bloodshot eyes, flames, all-white, all-black. It really gets your creative wheels spinning doesn't it? What are you going to be this year after all?

The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends

One variable you'll have to consider when poring through the choices is whether you want Halloween contact lenses that cover the entire sclera (that's the whites of your eyes) or just the pupil (the eyeball). There's plenty in either category, making it either harder or easier to decide, depending upon your viewpoint.

Knowing the kind of look you're going for will help a lot. Are you, for example, trying to transform yourself into a particular character (a Vampire, possibly, or even more specifically, the Vampire Lestat himself - because that's available too)? Special effects lenses that include the entire sclera often creates an all-encompassing, fully-transformative effect, incorporating more of the whole body into "becoming" this other figure.(The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends) But maybe you merely want to accentuate a "look", the zeitgeist of an era, or an abstract concept. For this latter option, a cute design or a picture superimposed on your pupil alone, like a temporary tattoo, might be just the thing.

Some current favorites of the decorative lenses you'll find include those with the Biohazard /"Radioactive" symbol, symbols of poker suits, stars-and-stripes, Dune eyes, dollar-sign eyes, spider webs, smiley faces, both Predator eyes and Alien eyes, both Darth Vader and the Sith. You'll find styles and designs both timely and timeless as you explore all the options of Halloween lenses available.

Crucial in the safe and responsible use of special effect contact lenses for Halloween or at any other time, according to the FDA, is involvement by a licensed eye care professional. In fact, it's the law. Decorative lenses improperly made or used improperly have been known to cause permanent eye injury and even eventual blindness.(The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends) Therefore, you must see your eye doctor before shopping for Halloween contact lenses to get proper fitting and instructions as well as the necessary prescription. You will need this whether you ordinarily wear prescription lenses or not. And don't even think of purchasing decorative lenses from any store (online or off) that doesn't ask for your prescription; it is illegal.

Some of the things your doctor will invariably tell you are that decorative contact lenses are not for everyday wear. Consider them for special occasions only. Never sleep or swim or bathe with them in, and don't use them while engaging in any activity that requires sharp visual acuity, for example cooking or driving or operating heavy machinery. In plain English - someone could get hurt.(The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends)

Halloween contacts should not be worn unceasingly for long periods of time since prolonged use can cause strain and infection. And they should be clean and disinfected carefully before and after each use, according to your doctor's instruction. If after using Halloween contact lenses, you notice redness, swelling, or feel any sort of pain in the area, please contact your eye doctor immediately. Even if it turns out to be nothing, the joy in Halloween is that the danger is imagined, so let's keep it that way.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

The Best Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends

Halloween Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Party

Preparing for the upcoming Halloween party? Be sure to wear Halloween contact lenses to complement your Halloween costume. Nowadays Halloween costume party does not only refer to the clothes you want to wear because they are designed especially for themed parties like Halloween.

For Halloween fanatics it's essential to wear the spookiest costume in the party -- they want to make their costume really different from the rest. If you plan to wear vampire-like clothes, then wearing vampire contact lenses will enhance your appearance. Or, do you want to deviate from the common for these Halloween?(Halloween Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Party) You can prepare a Halloween costume idea of someone rarely used and get a pair of special effect contact lenses that best suit the personality.

Halloween Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Party

No matter what Halloween costume you wear always remember that the look of your eyes is what makes you really shine at a Halloween party.
Which Halloween Contact Lenses To Wear?

Two popular brands of contacts that are recommended by eye doctors and preferred by party goers are WildEyes and Crazy Eyes. Both brands have colors and designs that would match with the costume that you prepare. You can choose the colors and the style that best fits your Halloween costume concept. The costume contact lenses will bring out the best shocking looks in you -- they will make you really look horrifying.(Halloween Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Party)

If you haven't worn contact lenses you need not worry. Some special effect contact lenses are made solely for costume purposes and come with no prescription. Wearing them will not in any way affect your vision. There are also ones for Halloween costume parties that have correction power, which suit your needs if you have refraction problems.

You can buy Halloween contacts can over the counter -- with or without prescription. They are sold anytime of the year via your doctor office, optical retail chains and the virtual market. For your own eye protection and safety it's advisable to have a contact lens prescription even if it is just for the Halloween. You should consult your eye doctor if you want to wear contact lenses from the previous Halloween.

How Contact Lenses Enhance Your Halloween Costume

Want to scare everyone just by the look in your eyes? Contact lenses for Halloween can increase the fearful look of your Halloween costume. These contacts can catch other's attention even in the absence of a creepy outfit. If you want to look like the appearance of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the Interview With the Vampire you need Halloween contacts that exactly look like their eyes. Crazy contact lenses are what you need to provide the kind of horrifying looks that you want to project.(Halloween Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Party)

Glaring red eyes and other horror designs are found among the many designs of Halloween contact lenses. These costume contact lenses can complement the horrific image you want to achieve. Just create some experiments to find the best fit between your Halloween costume and your contact lenses for the next Halloween party. You will never know a talent scout will spot you for a future horror film casting.

Halloween Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Party

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