Saturday, 20 September 2008

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are used as fun accessories to enrich or change the natural color of the eyes. You can change your eye color to suit your mood, outfit, or make-up. The basic concept is to cover the iris with a new color. Convenient colored contact lenses are available in opaque colors and as enhancement tints. Both opaque and tint designs work well with the suitable iris color.

Opaque lenses are meant for changing an eye’s color entirely. There is a pupil opening in the center of the lens, and a heavy color over the iris area. The texture and tint of color varies with the style of lens and the color chosen. Color enhancer contact lenses are used to enrich an existing eye color or slightly alter its tint. The tinted enhancers may vary from covering the entire lens to simply covering the outer edge of the iris.

Colored contact lenses can be corrective lenses as well. For those who do not need vision correction, non-prescription colored contact lenses can be worn. The iris contains

pigment that gives color to it. Color contacts are clear in the center to reveal the pupil, while the outer ring that rides on the iris is tinted or hand–painted. Dark eyes may appear to be one solid color. Eyes with lighter blue, brown, hazel, or green have various colors and patterns in the iris.

The quality of color contacts can be determined by observing how natural they look. The more natural looking lenses are more expensive than solid-tinted lenses.

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